Moving Time

Hello Online People,

I’m in the process of relocating. AKA selling a house / buying another house and packing all the jazz.

Once I’ve settled in. I will get back to the tutorial / article band wagon.

Thanks for the support.

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EQ Automation

EQ – Frequency automation – Video

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Acoustic Treatment

Some photos of the construction of the acoustic panels I put in my studio.
I posted a while back on building panels , here are some in progress pics from way back.

Materials were around 200 US for building my panels.I bought a bail of Roxul and 1×2 strips boards and then cut to size.

I had to special order the Roxul from Home Depot and bought burlap from a local fabric store. I could have saved with the covering choice, but I like the burlap opposed to the other offering at that particular store. I bought some picture hanging wire, and eyelet screw and hung them.

I’ll post some in studio pictures, although I’ll be moving soon so they won’t be up in this place for much longer.

IMG_0767   IMG_0766IMG_0768  IMG_0770 2013-05-19 18.34.47

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Mixing Live Tracks

Here is a Sweetwater video and a link to download the same tracks used in the video.
Counting Crows FOH engineer walks you through his Pro Tools Session.

Download Link:

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audioRose Microphone Pop Filter Demo

Today’s post is a product video for the audioRose Tru2 Dual Screen Microphone Pop Filter

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