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My name is Chris Kirkpatrick. I’m a multi instrumentalist who plays Guitar, Bass, and Drums. A Los Angeles Recording School Honors Graduate, a Capricorn who enjoys long walks on the beach…..WAIT!

I live in Southern California, have a wife and 3 children. I’ve been playing since I was about 13 years old, have recorded in professional studios and played the major clubs in the Hollywood area. Always producing music in some capacity.┬áSince graduating recording school, I’ve been continually working in Post Production and have started the Transient Mobile Recording service and audio tutorial website.

I’m pretty laid back and enjoy a fun and creative atmosphere that I believe is beneficial to creating great recordings, I strive to achieve better and better results by continually working at recording and mixing. I’ve been recording since I first started making music in the 90’s. Fell in love with the sonic possibilities with recording, mixing, writing and producing music.

Currently seeking bands and artists looking to record and release material.

I also can assist in gear / studio set-ups, as well as instruction on using the feature set within your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

I’ve started up Transient Mobile to offer a way for artists to release a product without the traditional cost of a studio recording, the blog also will offer general audio advice, how to’s etc.

If you your looking to record studio quality release ready tracks, without the tradtional studio cost and time requirments contact me to work something out.

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