Bark of Dog –

Bark of Dog  from – Plug-in Review

Today’s video is about Bark of Dog a resonate filter plug-in from                  A very useful plug-in that this company has released.

This video show an example on a kick drum.


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Kick Drum Mic Comparison

Today’s post is comparing an MD421Dynamic to a Rode NT-2000 Condenser on kick drum. Various position on each mic from inside to farther back in omni mode for the Rode.             All audio is raw, uncompressed, and just as recorded straight into the interface.

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Phase Cancellation Concept / Minimizing phase with 2 mic guitar amp recording

This video shows an example of phase cancellation, and a technique to help minimize the phase cancellation when micing a guitar cabinet with two mics at the same time.


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Pro Tools – Solo Techniques

Pro Tools Solo Button – There are a few different ways to use the solo button in Pro Tools.

This video shows a couple of ways along with a technique for A/B’ing two sources.


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